Proteus carbon - carbon fins


Products Proteuscarbon are of high quality and have a 2-year guarantee on the carbon parts only, upon the date of purchase.

The warranty is valid only if the customer has our warranty paper with date of purchase, invoice and the serial ID number of the product.

Only for the first owner.

Warranty claim is refused in case product is deliberately damaged or have drilled holes or the shape is changed or altered in any way different to how our company produced it.

The warranty doesn’t cover damages resulting from improper use of the product, modification, or damage due to accidental causes.

In order to claim warranty, the product has to be sent to our company together with a copy of the invoice and warranty paper, so that damage can be determined. The damaged item must always be sent to us for inspection. Only after the item has been received in our production, the manufacturer evaluates whether the item is the subject of a warranty or not. After the estimation of damage of the product and if the item is a subject of warranty, we will discuss the next steps with you. Then the production makes new product and client will receive product of the same type as soon as possible.

The warranty is valid only for products purchased by us or our authorized resellers.

You must use fins wise, so that way for your safety:

-    you use fins for swimming and diving

-    you wash fins with fresh water

-    before use you check that the foot pockets and the blades are well glued

-    before and after proper use you check if the blade have any visual damage

-    you do not wash or clean fins with cleaners

-    you do not walk with fins

-    you do not jump in to the water with fins on

-    you do not drive the boat with fins on