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Pathos foot pockets are designed to provide top comfort, perfect feeling, great stability and the lowest weight.
The Pathos foot pockets give to people better contact with blades at swimming.
Are more suited for people who have flatter or wider feet.

Blades must be glued in to the foot pockets. We recommend elastic glue.
To the fisherman under water Proteuscarbon short fins 580 with pathos foot pockets provides a quick start and faster turning.

Proteuscarbon short fins 580 are useful for spearfishing in low water and for the coastal hunt and for snorkeling too (medium hardness).
It's a lot easier to hide, move and turn in low water with Proteuscarbon short fins 580.
Proteuscarbon short fins 580 have almost the same characteristics at swimming as a Proteuscarbon long fin 750.

Proteuscarbon short fins 580 are also suitable for deeper diving.

•    Made from 100% high-quality carbon and out of carbon fabrics from European manufacturer.
•    Because of the specially selected materials, our blades are one of the most flexible and one of the fastest on the market.
•    Hand-made and made by autoclaving.
•    The shape is precisely cut by using CNC technology.
•    Proteuscarbon blades are technologically advanced blades.
•    Blades are not varnish and don't have extra foil on it.

•    Top side is smooth surface.

•    Bottom side is sharkskin for high hydrodynamic performance and mat surface also don't scare fishes.
•    Blades are developed by the best people in spearfishing and free diving.

Recommend the use of medium blades for all people, regardless of body weight. For people who spend a lot of time in the water and already have a good swimming condition, we recommend using hard blades. Therefore, we recommend that you start to use the medium, after long time of training, you might need hard blade.


Length short carbon blade: 580 mmWidth: 190 mm
Hardness: medium, hard
Angle: 22°
Pathos number: 36-38, 38-40, 40-42,42-44, 44-46, 46-48, 48-50

Made in Europe

2 years warranty

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