Proteus carbon - apnea
Our story

We've been active spearfishing ourselves since 1998. At that time only plastic fins were on the market, and the desire then was to make a better fin, so we got an idea to make carbon-fin. The first carbonic fins were launched in 2003. Through the years fins were improved by ourselves and together in cooperation with world known people in spearfishing and freediving. We produce blades for other world brands. Now we have decided that is time to offer the blades under our brand. These new Proteuscarbon fins are made primarily for underwater fishing.

Proteus carbon - carbon fins Pathos
Description of products

Proteuscarbon fins are very fast, aggressive and one of the lightest fins among carbon fins on the market designed for spear fishing. They are the best choice to offer top spear fishermen. It is the flexibility of Proteuscarbon fins that allow longer apnea, sleek and effortless movement both on and below the surface. They provide us to save energy due to extreme responsiveness thanks to the use of high-quality materials, production technology and shape cutting-edge technology.

This is the result of several year studies and applicative research in the field of hydromechanics and research of technical materials. Due to their optimal curve and very fast responsiveness the energy of a stroke is transferred to the fin extremely fast creating a strong accelerated thrust of water towards the tip of the fin. This is especially beneficial in ascent from depths when saving energy is of crucial importance. The bottom part of the fin is sharkskin allowing optimal flow of water on this part of the fin at the same time making the movement on the surface silent as well as giving it a matt look, they don't scare the fish. Therefore the fin is ideal to be used for shallow water spear fishing as it is silent and does not stand out when used in shallower habitat. The blades are compatible with foot pockets Pathos and Imersion in which the blades have proved to be the most effective. The blades are glued into the foot pockets by elastic glue.